Welcome to The Data of Difference: A History of Personal Data

Welcome to the Data of Difference/ The Difference of Data, a digital exhibition on the history of personal data by Jason Ludwig. The visual essays in this collection aim to explore the place of personal data in twentieth-century American history and politics by addressing two questions:

-Which classification systems have government agencies used to sort and order Americans and their data?

-How have these classification systems changed in accordance with shifts in science, technology, and institutional imperatives?

This work has been supported by a Graduate Fellowship in Digital Humanities sponsored by Cornell University Library & Society for the Humanities. The visual essays in this collection were created using Juncture, an open-source tool for digital humanities scholarship developed by JSTOR Labs. More information can be found on the Juncture web site and in the online User guide.


The Applicant Data Card: A History (1930-1965)

The Applicant Data Card: A Brief History

Coding Workers

Coding Workers